Pineapple Agua Fresca


So oddly enough I’ve never been a huge pineapple fan. But right after the long harsh winter we had this year – I was craving ANYTHING that even hinted at summer! So once again, I was perusing the aisles of my new favorite Mexican grocery and they had these big beautiful pineapples stacked in neat little rows… and they literally called my name. No seriously. They did.

I was watching one of my go-to cooking shows, Mexican Made Easy and Marcela made this delicious looking pineapple agua fresca (which simply means water with fresh fruit). So I made it and it is incredible! I give all the props to Marcela Valladolid – she’s never steered me wrong.

I encourage you to make a big batch. It’s delicious at breakfast but also as a cocktail in the evening (or in the afternoon, who am I kidding?) – if you add gin, tequila or even champagne (which would then qualify as a brunch beverage – I like how this is playing out).

1 ripe pineapple (peeled and quartered with core removed).
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons chili lime salt
1 teaspoon sugar (*optional – if your pineapple is very ripe you won’t need to add sugar!)
1 lime (quartered)
2 cups water
2 cups ice

Tools Needed
A large mesh strainer
A spatula

Don’t know how to cut a pineapple? Watch this helpful video – one tip for choosing a ripe one – tug on a leaf in the middle and if it comes out easily – it’s ripe!

Let’s Make Agua Fresca!
Once pineapple is cut into chunks put in blender, add about 2 cups of water (should be about 3/4 way up the pineapple), the vanilla and sugar (if using). Blend until smooth.

Put mesh strainer over a large-mouthed pitcher or bowl and pour the liquid in small batches into the strainer. Begin working a spatula back and forth pushing the liquid through the mesh until there is only pulp left. Be sure to scrape underneath the strainer to get all the juicy goodness! The juice should be frothy so don’t worry.

Once completed, pour into a pitcher filled with ice. While chilling, pour the chili lime salt onto a flat plate, run a lime wedge around the rim of a glass and dunk the rim in the chili lime salt. Then fill with your freshly made pineapple agua fresca and say, “Mmmm…Delicioso!”


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