The “Blushing Dutch” Martini


I love a summer cocktail. I also love experimenting with different flavors combinations. The good news about these ingredients is that you can change them up. Try lemons and raspberries. Cilantro and cucumber. Blueberries and mint. The Vling mixer comes in cranberry pomegranate, citrus and regular tonic. So have fun with it!

New Amsterdam Berry infused vodka – 1 part
Vling cranberry pomegranate mixer – 3 parts
Sweetened lime juice – a splash or so to taste
Fresh lime – 2 slices per glass

Slice limes. Chill glasses in freezer.
Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice  and fill with first three ingredients. Shake lightly (the Vling mixer is fizzy!). Poor into chilled glasses and enjoy!

The Perfect Bite
Of course there’s no “bite” in a cocktail unless you’re chomping on the vodka-soaked fruit – which is amazing! But also, a good tip is to keep vodka (and gin) in the freezer – makes for a perfectly chilled drink on a hot summer day.

The Perfect Health
Let’s be honest. It’s a cocktail. But using the Vling is helpful. It’s lower in calories and sodium then other tonics and is filled with electrolytes to help offset the dehydration that happens form alcohol. So there’s that!

photo 2


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