Dark Chocolate Linguini with Cheesecake Mousse & Raspberry Cabernet Sauce

Sounds delicious, right? Well, faithful readers… if you must know… it happens. Sometimes brilliant ideas fall flat in the execution. Sometimes, what sounds delightful in theory… falls dismally short in reality.

This particular dessert is such the case. I was so excited to discover the dark chocolate linguini in Pike’s Market in Seattle. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out! I thought,

“Surely this is going to be the best dessert ever! I’m going to wow my friends and blog readers with my brilliance!” Yeah, not so much.

Now, the actual taste was not bad. It was a texture thing mostly. My dearest friends Tracey and Michele (aka my skillful sous chefs, faithful Guinea Pigs & favorite porch pals) eagerly tasted the concoction with me. We were all in agreement… the soft, slippery texture of the linguini – which we normally love with a good marinara sauce – felt strange in our mouths when combined with the sweet chocolate, raspberry & cheesecake mousse. And honestly, as you can see by the photos… the dish was not very appealing to look at… kind of resembled a pile of… well… dog poo. Or a dish of brown leather shoe laces with dessert plopped on top of them. It wasn’t pretty.

So, for the sake of keeping things real… I present to you: A kitchen fail.

And I won’t bother giving you the details of the recipe… I‘ll spare you the humiliation. But I’m still determined… mainly because I bought 3 packages of the stuff and I hate for things to go to waste. So I’ll continue experimenting until something decent comes of it all.


One thought on “Dark Chocolate Linguini with Cheesecake Mousse & Raspberry Cabernet Sauce

  1. Actually, I disagree with you on the look of the dessert. When I saw it I thought: yummy! But I am a sucker for chocolate… And when I read the post my excitement fell off… I will keep looking back to see what happens with the rest of the chocolate linguine after all it is a combination of two of my favorite ingredients. Good luck 🙂

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