The Blu Ox Martini

This is the time of year when a cold beverage on the front porch just hits the spot. One of my favorite Spring & Summer drinks is one I came up with (or tweaked to make my own) last year. Very simple. Very good.

History of the Blue Ox Martini Name

So you’re probably wondering why I would call a redd-ish-amber-ish gradient-ish beverage a “Blu Ox Martini”.

The history goes waaayyy back… to about 5 minutes ago… when my friend Bizzle and I sat on my porch drinking them, and trying to figure out what to call them. And of course, the more we sipped, the more entertaining the titles became… but we finally settled on The Blu Ox Martini.

The Blu is for the Blueberry (and I spelled it without the “e” because, well… I’m cool like that). And the Ox comes from the antioxidants that are in this tasty beverage – thanks to the pomegranate juice and those fresh blueberries. The Ox also derives from the oxymoron of my thinking an alcoholic beverage can be an anti-oxidant. Thanks to Bizzle for pointing out that little fact. Nothing like a good friend to let you know when you’re being ridiculous.

2 shots New Amsterdam Gin (or your favorite gin – most people use vodka to make martinis, but I prefer gin as it doesn’t over power the other flavors)
1 shot Triple Sec
1 – 1.5 cup pomegranate juice, depending on size of shaker (I use Trader Joe’s organic – still trying to make this drink healthy)
Fresh Blueberries

Frost glasses in freezer while getting your drink ready. Pour shots and juice over ice in a martini shaker and shake gently. Stack blueberries onto swizzle sticks and set in glass. Pour shaken martini into frosted glasses and enjoy.

Makes 2 martinis.

The Perfect Bite
a gin-soaked blueberry off the cocktail stick, of course…

The Perfect Pairing

A good friend on the porch. Cheers!

Did You Know?
That blueberries and pomegranates are filled with rich antioxidants, anti-aging properties and essential vitamins.

Drink responsively.


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