Fall-apart Pot Roast


Who doesn’t love pot roast? Well, I suppose some of my vegetarian friends are not fans, but most everyone else I know deems pot roast as the ultimate comfort food. However, I have heard many friends complain that they have not been successful… that often the meat comes out tough!

Contrary to belief, tough pot roast is not a result of over-cooking… but of UNDER-cooking! And the science of that is not always consistent. For example, the rule of thumb is to cook low and slow, about 1 hour per pound of meat. But temperatures in ovens vary and sometimes the weather can throw everything off… so shoot for an hour per pound, but if it’s not falling apart tender then put it back in and check it every 20 minutes. I had a small 2lb roast this time, yet it took 3 hours. You just never know. But the longer in the oven the more the connective tissues break down and turn into succulent deliciousness.

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Nine Hour Burgundy Mushrooms

Beautiful Burgundy Mushrooms

The irony of this post is that I generally don’t like mushrooms. But I read about these on the Pioneer Woman’s site and her description alone made me want to spend the 9 hours it takes to make them! These are definitely for a special occasion because who typically has an entire 9 waking hours at home? But maybe this winter if you’re snowed in or just want to spend that chilly Saturday in your pj’s and have a legitimate excuse not to leave the house… then that’s the perfect occasion!

You can get a lot of miles out of these beauties. And whatever you do – save the cooking liquid! It’s to die for…. dip bread in it, use it as a soup broth or my favorite – make mushroom risotto with it! Be sure to read The Perfect Bite below for additional ideas.

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